Growth Cycles -- A new Operating System for your Start-up

We hosted an education session for Seedlegals, on our growth methodology for start-ups.

We all know the old adage, execution is everything

Join twenty-twenty founders Pete Huang (ex-Monzo) and Raj Kohli (ex-Accenture), who in their own words "have shamelessly pieced together the methods of John Doerr (OKRs), Jake Knapp (Sprint - Google Ventures), Gabriel Weinberg (Bullseye), George Lee (Instagram), BaseCamp (Shape Up) and our personal learnings from Monzo and Accenture, into a coherent, easy to follow company Operating System"

They've built a strategic planning and execution framework for start-ups focused on cutting through the noise -- it's called Growth Cycles 🌀.

In the session on the 5th of May, they're planning to overshare; giving you the tools, the templates and the meeting structures they use every day to supercharge startups' growth trajectory. Consider it the Growth Cycle starter pack 🎒.

The session will be an introduction to the methodology and you'll learn new ways to:

🎯 Encourage you to set big goals and achieve them

🧘🏽 Give you and your team focus

📈 Capture your company progression

🕺🏻 Give your company a rhythm

✨ Align and heal your team members

"Growth Cycles are really working, look how far we've come, it has only been 3 cycles and this is a completely different company. In the crisis of the pandemic, we've managed to pivot and ship a comprehensive B2B solution and break GMV records." Perfocal - CEO & Founder - Tony Xu

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