Growth Channels

This is inspired by Gabriel Weinberg's Tractions channels. We've developed, expanded and become great at them. Easter egg: each traction channel's emoji means something! Try to work them out.

Viral Marketing Growing your user base by encouraging your users to refer other users. Example: Airbnb or Uber: Referral Credit.

Unconventional PR Doing something exceptional to draw media attention. Example: Transferwise protesting outside parliament or even in Zappos going above and beyond for customers.

Social Display Ads Ads on popular sites like reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hundreds of other niche sites, can be powerful and scalable ways to reach new customers. Example: Instagram Advertising

Offline Ads TV spots, radio commercials, billboards, infomercials, newspapers and magazines, as well as flyers. Typically for less tech-savvy customers. Offline ads also more trusted. Example: Advertising on the London Underground

Content Marketing Many start-ups have blogs, but most do not use their blogs to gain Traction. Example: We wrote a blog piece for Perfocal to build customer trust, generate backlinks & to generate 6 months worth of social media content (3 birds ๐Ÿฅ, one stone). So far it's garnered 1,800 interactions (196 shares, 569 comments & 1,000 reactions).

Sales Directly focusing on exchanging a product for cash. Sales funnel creation & generation, cold calling, door to door sales. Example: We've built a business development function at Perfocal, arming them with marketing collateral we closed Perfocal's largest business client to date in July 2020. We look forward to setting more records ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Upselling Developing new income streams by creating add-ons for your core product. Example: We increased Perfocal's capabilities to include photobooks and frames.

Public Relations The art of gaining attention through traditional media outlets, like newspapers, magazines & TV. Example: Perfocal article on 80k a year to travel the world as a family's personal photographer

Search Engine Marketing Marketing effectively on Google and other search engines Example: Google Ads

Existing Platforms Focusing your growth on existing mega-platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or the App Store Example: Focusing on building a engaged following on Instagram.

Trade shows Creating chances to show off your latest products. These could be Tech events, wedding shows or any event that lets you show of your product.

Offline Events Sponsoring or running offline events - from small meetups to large conferences, can be primary in gaining traction. Example: Twilio sponsoring engineering meetings ups

Speaking Engagements Using hype about your company story to promote it further. Example: getting team mates from different discliplines to give talks at meet up events.

Community Building Forming passionate communities around your product. Example: Monzo facilitating discussion and engagement on their online forum.

Influencer Marketing Partnering with social media accounts that have an alignment with your product or service and developing an ad campaign with them for their followers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Process of making sure your website shows up for key search results. Landing pages and relevant blog content. Example: We built a landing page engine called Mass Landers for Perfocal, which allowed us to instantly build beautiful landing pages from a single row in a spreadsheet (pretty cool right? ๐Ÿ˜Ž). Consequently we have the capability to launch 1000s of pages targeting long-tail keywords in a single day.

Email Marketing One of the best ways to convert prospects, while retaining and monetizing existing ones. Example: We developed a lead re-engagement email flow using customer.io at Perfocal, which lead to higher conversions in our photography product, more customer reviews & upselling additional products.

Engineering as Marketing Using engineering resources to acquire customers is underutilized. Successful companies build microsites, develop widgets, and create free tools that drive thousands of leads each month. Example: Option type comparison widget by Vestd

Business Development Process of creating strategic relationships that benefit both your startup and your partner. Example: At Perfocal we built a strategic relationship with Churchill Gowns

Affiliate Programs Arrangements in which an online merchant Website pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Websites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement. Examples: Comparison websites (gocompare), product aggregators (Lyst), online publications, Amazon Affiliate scheme

B2B2C Enabling the supply side to do their own marketing Example: Just eat partnering with local businesses to provide marketing materials and discounts