Introduction 👋

Hello hello!

In terms of my personal background, I come from a big family in rural Essex, who I absolutely adore. I grew up spending all my time outdoors and there’s nothing I love more than a weekend spent at my family home, walking the dogs in the countryside 🌻. I‘m super sociable and love spending time with friends. Saying that, I equally love having some time to myself to exercise, write or work on my photography 📸. Striking up a good balance between work/socialising/personal growth is essential for me and anything that gives me a chance to get creative is a hit!

I have an absolute passion for travelling 🌎and can get a tad restless if I’m stuck in the U.K. for too long. In the last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe, Africa and North America - last year I split my time living in Germany and Canada! Any opportunity to explore a new city, embrace a new culture or meet new people sounds great to me.


The emoji is my most used and best represents the need to celebrate both the small wins of your own and the achievements of others!

Personality Type 🙋‍♀️

According to the 16 Personalities test I’m a Protagonist, with my preferred strategy being ‘people mastery’. In simple terms, this just means that I’m a ‘people person’ - I’m charismatic, passionate and believe in the power of people to drive results and positive change!

In terms of working relationships, this means I’m an open communicator and often naturally fill leadership positions. I always try to leverage people’s motivations to drive the best, shared outcomes but can be overly idealistic and struggle to make tough decisions, especially if the outcome is humanitarian.

In the workplace I’m incredibly hard working, open to learning anything and everything and have my daily lists to thank for my productivity.

Career 💡

💬 Dot Project, Communications Associate (02/2020 – Present)

I have supported Dot Project with the restructuring of their sales, communications and marketing strategies. I am now refining the brands tone of voice by A/B testing key messaging with different stakeholders across several communications channels.

😁 Franksmile, Content Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator (08/2019 – 12/2019)

I established PR partnerships both online and offline and developed new marketing campaigns and copy to accompany these. Through careful consumer segmentation and targeting, our partnerships were successful in boosting consumer awareness and driving additional demand to Franksmile, prior to their insolvency in December.

🚀 Rocket Internet, Global Venture Development (06/2019 – 08/2019)

I worked for Franksmile, one of the high-growth ventures within Rocket Internet’s portfolio in their earliest stages of operation. I negotiated advertisement deals with several large magazines, podcasts and newspapers in the UK and I established and grew their influencer campaign, onboarding 50 influencers in total. I also co-led Franksmile’s rebranding strategy with our Head of Design.

💸 Global Founders Capital, Investment Analyst Intern (01/2019 – 05/2019)

GFC, a fund for founders, by founders, is the largest tech Venture Capital fund in Europe. My duties here included searching for and proposing new investment targets using online sources and my own knowledge of the start-up ecosystem. I completed due diligence assessments for prospective investments; this included industry landscape evaluations, market sizing, competitor research and financial analyses to stress test unit economics. I participated in meetings with founders, conducted analysis of company investor decks and pitches and also supported the HR team with candidate sourcing, outreach and interviewing.

🌍 The Baobab Network, Head of Corporate Sales (07/2017 – 12/2017)

Supported the growth of several sub-Saharan African start-ups who are using technology to build scalable solutions in key social impact sectors. Working here, alongside entrepreneurs at the forefront of industry, developed my passion for entrepreneurship and exposed me to the enormous potential of technology and global start-ups. This role hugely developed my confidence and interpersonal skills as I was required to communicate with a range of individuals from global corporate organisations through to entrepreneurs from pre-seed start-ups. I had the chance to travel extensively throughout Africa; this proved my ability to adapt within differing environments and cultures and encouraged the development of my increasingly diverse skillset.

Education 🎓

I went to Chelmsford County High, which is my local, all girls grammar school. I did 14 GCSEs before studying Biology, Geography, Psychology, Economics and General Studies at A-Level. I played a really active role in the school community, did lots of work with charities and chaired the schools student voice as Head Girl. I have so many fond memories from school and definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without it!

I went on to study for a BSc in Business Administration in the beautiful city of Bath and have just finished my 4 years here. I had the chance to spend 12 months working in 2 different industries and 6 months studying in Vancouver. I’ve walked out with a 1st class degree and friends for life!

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